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Motion of Double Stars

Let us take an example of double star. In double stars, two stars are of almost equal mass. For double star, reduced mass and centre of force lies at the midpoint of line joining two masses. In case of double star, both the star will revolve around the centre of force.Let us take one more …

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Equivalent One Body Problem

Consider a two bodies system consisting of masses interacting with a central force.Apart from it let us assume there is third particle outside system. Force acting on is central force exerted by is the extend force exerted by So, applying Newton’s Law … (1)Similarly, … (2) is the force exerted by is an external force …

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Definition of Central Forces

IntroductionAll the interactions in universe can be categorised into following four kinds of interactions(a) Gravitational interaction(b) Electromagnetic interaction(c) Strong interaction(d) Weak interactionOut of these four interactions, the first two-gravitational and electrostatic interactions give rise to central forces.Two particles are said to interact via central force if the magnitude of force depends only on distance between …

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