Pseudo Forces

Newton laws of motion are valid only in inertial frame of reference. It means that only an observer who is in inertial frame can correlate his observation of acceleration with the forces acting on the body. Let us take an example. A frame is said to be inertial if it is non-accelerated and non-rotating. Ideally, …

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When we hang a body of mass m from the string, the weight of body tends to stretch the string in downward direction. So, a force get developed in the string which opposes the tendency of the string to get stretched. So, tension always acts on the body in direction opposite to the direction in …

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Normal Reaction

In mechanics, we must know three things about the any force; (i) when does it act? (ii) In what direction does it act? (iii) What is its magnitude? Normal Reaction is a contact force which acts on body if its motion is constrained is any particular direction. It acts in a direction opposite to the …

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